2018 BMW X1

The first ever built X1 was created back in 2009. This was the smallest variation of wonderful BMW SUV vehicles in the market however not the least lovely ones. Leading reports for expected launch of the brand name new X1 will suppose to get here in the late 2017 or early 2018. The 2018 BMW X1 face will come luxuriously created and with strong performances for subcompact SUV crossover. Lastly, the first word when you say X1 will be perfect design curved with high-standards LED light.

2018 BMW X1   Picture

2018 BMW X1 Engine

Together with spotless style and efficiencies comes a 20-litter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. It will quickly produce 228hp or 258lb-ft of torque. BMW and all the models from fantastic series of X SUV model and especially X1 will be geared up with an 8-speed transmission. Drivers will delight in quick respond and steering so exact and sharp. It can quickly reach 60 mph for 6.5 sec. We are expecting in 2018 BMW X1 to be 6-speed transmission as well. Lastly, redesign of air vents will be successfully cooling down the engine.

2018 BMW X1 Front Picture

2018 BMW X1 Redesign

The 2018 BMW X1 will be featured will high quality products and surfaces. From the main board most likely covered with wood information, a lot of advanced GPS tracking, motion sensing units, audio surround systems. In addition, chauffeur seat will be comfy, cover with leather and pleasurable for a long drive via highways, off-the-road tracks, sand-dunes or city drive. Clear cockpit console will be in the center of the main board. It will include most recent tech and security requirements in the industry. Finally, cruise control and eco-friendly AC control will be set up with the new redesign too.

2018 BMW X1 Exterior Pictures

2018 BMW X1 Price and Release Date

Lastly, we are anticipating to see freshly redesign X1 model end of 2017 and beginning of 2018. In addition, the price variety of 2018 BMW X1 is anticipated to be like a current model or somewhat higher with upgraded element and materials of the car.