2018 Chevy Avalanche

Inning accordance with the various reports, company have in plant to restore this truck, as 2018 Chevy Avalanche. As you might know, this is a full-size pickup, which company produced in two generations. Original model was available in 2001, while second generation can be found in 2007. Lastly, production ended in 2013. Company never revealed official factor for discontinuation, but we think that main factor were low sales. Unexpectedly, rumors about its return appeared. Inning accordance with the various reports, this truck will come back, maybe even this year as 2018 Avalanche. When it has to do with technical information, we expect that new model will continue to be based upon Suburban. However, you ought to take all these with big reserve.

2018 Chevy Avalanche Front Picture

2018 Chevy Avalanche Redesign

As we currently pointed out, it is rumored that 2018 Chevy Avalanche is coming back. Exact information are unidentified and we must count on our forecast and some speculations. It this return occur, we believe that new model will continue in the basically same method as previous. It will ride on the same platform as Suburban and share the majority of the parts. As you understand, company already has a truck of this size in lineup. It is Chevy Silverado. Nevertheless, these 2 models will be rather different. The 2018 Chevy Avalanche will probably be a bit longer, and with a different configuration. It will come as 4-door truck, with two rows of seats.

2018 Chevy Avalanche   Wallpapers

It will have bigger cabin, but smaller bed on the other side. Its design ought to be similar to the famous Suburban, but with exception that there won’t be a 3rd row of seats. Instead, we will see a freight bed, which will be much smaller, compared to Silverado.

2018 Chevy Avalanche Engine

When it has to do with engines, we believe that 2018 Chevy Avalanche will include the very same powertrain as Suburban, which is available with only one engine. It is a 5.3 liter EcoTec V8, which came updated recently, and now has much better efficiency. Total output of this engine is around 355 horsepower, which max torque is 383 pound-feet. When it has to do with transmission, this engine comes in pair with 6-speed automatic. In spite of lots of power, it likewise has good fuel economy, which goes someplace around 18 mpg in combined drive.

2018 Chevy Avalanche HD Pictures

2018 Chevy Avalanche Release Date

Arrival of this truck is still under question. We still do not know will this model even come. Nevertheless, there are some reports that it might come maybe already this year, as 2018 Chevy Avalanche.