2018 Kia Soul

The second-generation Kia Soul was introduced for the 2014 model year, which implies it will still be a couple of more years prior to Kia will provide the third-generation of the Soul. So to keep customers interested, it is only natural that Kia gives the existing generation a facelift to keep things fresh. It looks like we may be seeing that facelift sooner than later on, as we have simply gotten some brand-new spy shots of exactly what appears to be the facelifted model out for on-road screening.

2018 Kia Soul Front Photo

As is the story with all spy shots from the early testing stage, the soul is under quite heavy camouflage. The hood, bumper, and the rear hatch are all covered with black fabric and padded to help conceal the real design. That does, however, supply us with a concept of exactly what we can expect to be different when the facelifted Soul hits the display room floor. Because we can’t construct a great deal under that heavy padding and camo, most of this early review will be speculation. So, with that in mind, let’s take a gander at what we can construct out from the spy shots.

2018 Kia Soul Exterior

The front of the 2018 Kia Soul is camouflaged simply as intensively as the rear, indicating that we should see some design changes here. It appears like the fog lights may sit a little bit higher, and a bit more to the outside than on the current model. When it comes to that low-sitting radiator grille, I have a mixed viewpoint on what is going on here. It looks like, based on the camouflage, that grille may have a horizontal split in the middle. If that is the case, that grille might be shaped differently also. As far as the headlights, I sense that there will be some minor changes to the overall shape, but the camo is so heavy at this point that we merely can not tell.

2018 Kia Soul Rear Photo

To the back, it is tough to make out much thanks to all the cushioning, but it looks like the taillights will maintain a similar design. Very little can be stated for the hatch itself– there seems about three inches of padding over the majority of it, but down listed below we can spot some change to the rear fascia. On the present model, that body line on the fascia inclines towards the corners and twists around the corner reflectors. In the spy shots, it looks like that body line has altered significantly, with the body line running parallel with the bottom of the hatch and efficiently wraps around those rear reflectors. Moreover, it looks like those reflectors might sit a little higher on the fascia than they do on the present model. As far as wheels go, the model captured in the spy shots is riding on the exact same wheels as offer requirement on the current Soul.

2018 Kia Soul Interior

Today the interior is about as huge as a mystery as the body panels concealed under all that paneling on the exterior. I expect to see roughly the same as far as style qualities go. Anticipate to see the exact same dash and center console, and that instrument cluster will still make use of a 4.3-inch TFT display screen. Relocating to the center stack, I suspect the same infotainment systems, but the screen might be upped by an inch. If so, anticipate to see the bezel surrounding the screen and environment controls to change a bit.

2018 Kia Soul Engine

I think that when the 2018 Kia Soul is changed by a whole brand-new style, it will likely debut with a minimum of one new engine and an upgraded transmission. With that stated, I do not think any substantial changes will be made to the Soul for this facelift. I do think, nevertheless, that the engines might be tuned to deliver a little more power and torque, along with a little much better fuel economy. Until we get the juicy details from Kia, however, that’s the best we’ve got.

2018 Kia Soul

2018 Kia Soul Release Date and Price

It’s likely that the 2018 Kia Soul will arrive to the market in 2018. We have no idea on rates yet, however I wouldn’t anticipate the costs to change much with the Soul’s facelift. If specific devices is updated, the starting cost might jump up by a few hundred bucks, however absolutely nothing substantial.