2019 Lexus LX350

The 2019 Lexus LX350 will begin a new generation of the crossover. Up until now, we had 3 generations, and whenever, the company managed to amaze their fans with features and convenience. Now, the new vehicle is already in the street testing. According to what we might see, it is in lasts of advancement. Also, we can anticipate premium crossover, efficient in competing with top models in its section. Back in 2015, at New York car show Lexus presented new concept. Now, the very first model bring the body on that platform is being available in 2019. That is a fresh start for LX350, however also a fantastic gamble if clients don’t accept it well.

2019 Lexus LX350 Interior Wallpapers

2019 Lexus LX350 Platform

The emphasize of the brand-new concept will be a light-weight design. The 2019 Lexus LX350 will reduce weight compared to its predecessors. However, general performance is not suffering since of that. Also, some brand-new lines will make this crossover aerodynamic and visual. In addition, the exterior of the vehicle will provide more paint jobs. The premium interior will enhance overall impression about Lexus and LX350. Security is at the greatest level with numerous cameras and warning systems. Lastly, infotainment is going to get all the current features and equipment, consisting of navigation and audio, probably just like GX460.

2019 Lexus LX350 Exterior Picture

2019 Lexus LX350 Engine

Under the hood of the 2019 Lexus LX350 is a 2.0-l I-4 drivetrain. This gas unit can establish 230 horses and 190 lb-ft of torque. The front-drive system is getting power through a 6-speed automatic transmission. The SUV is going to be very economical, with mileage of 23 mpg for city, and 26 mpg combined. Fans might see a hybrid engine as an alternative. It will integrate 3.5-l V-6 drivetrain with electrical batteries. This powertrain system will offer better efficiency and fuel economy. Nevertheless, its expense is greater, as well as upkeep.

2019 Lexus LX350

2019 Lexus LX350 Price

Starting rate of the premium crossover will be around $60,000. It is significantly greater than current model expenses. Well, a new generation will bring numerous changes, and price shows a lot. Also, there are greater trims en route, with the top of the class versions cost over $70,000. There is no confirmation about hybrid model, however this one will get a cost somewhere between lowest and highest.