2019 Volkswagen ID

The VW ID hatchback has already been unveiled as a concept car, however VW is set to begin production in under two years’ time– it’ll be on sale prior to 2020. It’ll be a spacious and practical purely electric car to equal the Tesla Model 3, and will spawn a range of ID-badged electrical cars by 2022.

2019 Volkswagen ID   Picture

2019 Volkswagen ID Styling

The ID principle previews exactly what the next VW Golf may look like, with few creases and larger windows that’ll provide a better view out. It’ll retain the traditional shape because it’ll be the first ID car to be produced, followed by the 2020 ID Crozz SUV and the ID Buzz– a contemporary take on the iconic VW campervan.

Although the headlights will be changed in the production model, the angled lights on this principle look just like VW’s present variety of cars and it’ll still have blue inserts when it goes on sale. At the rear, the tailgate looks to be one piece of glass like on the Up city car, and the thin LED lights make the car look low and broad. As bring as they are, the low-profile blue tires will be switched for smaller wheels when it goes into production.

2019 Volkswagen ID Front Wallpapers

2019 Volkswagen ID Interior

The ID concept has a breathtaking glass roofing that stretches nearly the whole length of the car, making it feel truly airy inside. It’ll be an alternative on the production model however it’ll be different from the windscreen for crash protection (and so there’s somewhere to mount sun visors).

Totally self-governing driving is still a way off, so the guiding wheel will be more conventional– although it’ll withdraw into the minimalist dashboard in future. It’ll be able to pilot itself in a lot of scenarios, leaving you and your guests to talk in near-silence. Expect the production variation to have 5 seats and more boot area than the current Golf.

2019 Volkswagen ID Engines and Driving

The ID will be powered by a 125kW electrical motor– that’s more powerful than a motor from the top-spec Tesla Model S. With all the electric power being offered instantly, the I.D. will have quick acceleration, and VW declares it can drive in between 250 and 370 miles prior to requiring a charge. VW states the battery will charge to 80% capacity in simply half an hour, which completely autonomous driving capability will be available on the ID by around 2025.

2019 Volkswagen ID High Resolution Wallpapers

2019 Volkswagen ID Price and Release Date

The ID is set to go on sale at the end of 2019. It’s most likely to cost more than the comparable Golf– which it’ll be sold together with– a minimum of till battery technology improves and ends up being less costly. Anticipate it to cost around ₤ 27,500.